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Stoke Your Inner Fire to Awaken Your Life Purpose & Activate Your Ability to Love Now!

Deepen Into the Essence of Who You Are
Let’s Turbo-Boost Your Full Potential to Embrace Your Big Beautiful Life!

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Australian Powerhouse Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Suzy Meszoly

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[su_quote cite=”John Lennon”]A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.[/su_quote]

Join Australian Powerhouse Spiritual Teacher and Master Healer, Suzy Meszoly, and respected American Astrologer, Pamela Cucinell, for practical application tools to gain spiritual clarity. We supply the perfect vehicles to activate your dreams, tailor-made to work with the present.

It’s time to develop a daily relationship with your Higher Self to define your life purpose and live your great big DIVINE BEING!

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Respected American Astrologer, Pamela Cucinell

Our two dedicated guides, internationally recognized for their powerful teachings and guidance, have created this program to help you become grounded and centered, as well as expand exponentially and BLOOM!

Watch the replay of our FREE Introductory Webinar, held Monday, November 25, 8pm EST

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In addition to our prior offerings, our new launch gives you an opportunity to benefit from private sessions with Suzy and Pamela. Regardless of which option you choose, this profound spiritual guidance clarifies life’s essentials in down-to-earth language to enhance your confidence in daily decisions. Each presentation is augmented by astrological planning and a whole lot of Lightness of Being!

Is the Stoke the Fire program a good fit for you at this time?

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  • Do you long to build new community, new support systems?
  • Do you want more, or feel your life lacks purpose?
  • Do you want the happiness, the fulfillment, the joy of waking up each day to be really excited to be alive?
  • Do you suspect that you’ve kept the best part of you a secret?
  • Are you in a job that sucks your energy and leaves you empty?
  • Do you want relationships that allow you a sense of freedom and growth?
  • Does anxiety, restlessness, or confusion derail your day?


Did you have a “yes” from above? In that case, would you like to:

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  • Have a daily orientation of inner peace and happiness
  • Manifest employment that is gratifying and financially sustaining
  • Feel at ease in any relationship with your place in it
  • Connect with community
  • Know who you truly are and find your inner wisdom and compassion
  • In short, live a meaningful life
  • Deepen into the Divinity within you


Your Spiritual Guides are Teacher and Master Healer, Suzy Meszoly, and Astrologer and metaphysician, Pamela Cucinell. These women know how to keep the spiritual in your everyday life. Doing so has changed their lives and they cannot live any other way. They have collaborated to provide you with the continuous support that makes life wonder-filled.

Through humor and compassion, Suzy Meszoly will take us on an extraordinary journey of vibrational love transmissions to offer deep spiritual guidance and physical activations. This process awakens dormant systems and raises the frequency of your Light Body; to bring vital health, happiness and integration. It can ignite your inner fire and bring you to a higher state of awareness, joy, and love.

How we live and actually feel and evolve are very much influenced by the environment and our place in the universe, which is why astrology is a valuable tool. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with situations are all aspects of deepening into the Divine Self. Our time has come to open our intuition to our world at large and to learn to ride these waves, gracefully and with ease. Our captain navigating this great ship through the skies is the ever resourceful and gently nurturing intuitive astrologer, Pamela Cucinell.
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“My experiences were amazing ranging from deeper meditation to dream plane travels. After the first three weeks, the energies became gentler and more subtle.”

Natalie W, Accountant

“I feel these teachings have accelerated my growth more than all my other practices combined. I highly recommend this course.”

Heather Estara, Reiki Master
[su_column size=”1/3″]Stoke the Fire has had such profound impact on my personal and business life. I feel more grounded, centered and purposeful. The meditations physically, energetically shift you. Hands down, I wouldn’t hesitate in signing up for the next session that’s how much of a positive impact it has had for me. I would highly recommend Stoke the Fire to anyone who is looking to reach their next vibrational level. Be prepared for a huge, wonderful shift.”

Maureen Jacobson, Energy Healer/Business and Marketing Consultant

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“The course helped me to understand and cope with what is going on in my life. It made life make sense.”

Donna Goss, Office Manager

“The meditations help me remember the truth, align with my heart and give me grounded clarity.”

Sandy Edwards, Brennan practitioner / massage therapist

Stoke The Fire – Intensive
Starting March 10, 2014

During our 6 week program, we discover parallels with the energy of the stars and planets and bring synchronous teachings, activations, and discussions to allow for people to have those tremendous “Aha” moments and deepen into their unique, creative, loving being.

Suzy offers powerful energetic love transmissions. The deeper your inner well of self-love, the greater your power to make your dreams, your reality. Pamela provides guidance on how to best work with the energies active at this time. Suzy shares stories about her experiences of integrating spiritual knowledge into daily life. All participants will receive these archived recordings for replay.

For 6 weeks, immerse yourself in a bubble of sustenance from two women dedicated to emotional and spiritual growth.

Three Program Options Available:

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[su_box title=”OPTION 1: The Spark $98″ color=”#3333FF”]
THE SPARK is the perfect option if you’re looking for a catalyst to light your spark and keep you shining.

The Spark option includes:

  • Start the Week Call: 30 minutes on Monday Evenings for 6 consecutive weeks starting Mar 10, 2014: 8.00 – 8.30 pm ET. On this call you will receive a channeled activation, a brief on the week’s astrology by Pamela, and a discussion by Suzy and Pam about the spiritual teachings for the week. Each call is recorded and available to download and replay.
  • Facebook Group to connect with everyone in the group, build spiritual community and to receive extra support from Suzy and Pamela.
  • Astrological Monthly Forecast: The complete month in advance forecast as a pdf to download; the Perfect Planner to chart your days through astrology insight (you get 2 months).

THE SPARK: $98/every 6 weeks.

RISK-FREE: Sign up now, participate in the first call for free. Use the information you receive for a full week before you are charged. If you decide to cancel in that week window, the first call is your gift from us.

Your subscription to The SPARK! will continue uninterrupted allowing you to receive uninterrupted support. (You may cancel at any time.)
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[su_box title=”OPTION 2: Fuel It! $350″ color=”#3333FF”]
FUEL IT! is for those who want to go deeper, receive more profound activations, more personal guidance.

You get everything in The Spark optionPLUS:

  • Weekly 20 min audio activation from the Master Teachers. We ask that you listen to this meditation daily for the week to support your spiritual expansion.
  • Weekly Coaching Call After the Group Activation Teleseminar Stoke the Fire and a 15 minute break, you participate in a small group 30 minute call to go deeper into the material and check-in. This is not recorded.
  • 2 New Moon Guided Meditations: one to kick it off for the opening New Moon of the series and another to keep the fire going at the next New Moon.
  • Super Bonus – for Winter Session ONLY! 7 ongoing weeks of the “Spark” after the last day of the “Fuel It” coaching series. This enables you to keep stoking your inner fire through weekly audio forecasts and activations. Of course this increases the likelihood that you will sign up for another round next season!

FUEL IT! $350 for the 6 week intensive
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[su_box title=”OPTION 3: 2-Season Pkg $595″ color=”#3333FF”]
2-Season Package offers you the next two series ( Spring: March 10- April 14 Summer: June 9- July 14) as support to help fulfill your personal commitments.

Think of it, 2 seasons supported by two dynamic spiritual teachers and a community of like-minded strivers. Suzy and Pam are so excited by the idea of gathering a committed group that we are offering not only price incentives, but the opportunity to benefit from one on one sessions.

You get everything in The Spark & FUEL IT! options, for 2 SEASONSPLUS these 2 super bonuses:

  • Super Bonus! New Moon Meditations throughout the course of the year, whether they fall within the 6 week season or not.
  • Super Bonus 2! The 7 ongoing weeks of the “Spark” after the last day of the “Fuel It” coaching series. This enables you to keep stoking your inner fire through weekly audio forecasts and activations. This means you get weekly support throughout the entire program!

2-Season Pkg: $595 for 2 seasonal 6 week intensives.
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(It is not necessary for you to be on every call, but the more time you’re able to implement the meditations, calls and planners, the quicker you’ll connect to your inner flame, to revitalize and actualize your most heartfelt intentions!)

Supplemental Offerings:

Private Astrology Consultation with Pamela at special Stoke the Fire rates: Contact Pamela
Suzy’s national and international retreats: Contact Suzy

Your Teachers:

[su_box title=”Spiritual Teacher and Master Healer, Suzy Meszoly” color=”#3333ff”]Spiritual teacher, Suzy Meszoly, is an energetic channel, psychic, and healer. She is a professional classical homeopath who holds certificates in herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, polarity therapy and is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

Suzy has enriched her healing practices through studies with Buddhist Lamas, Hindu gurus, shamans, channelers and metaphysicians in America, Australia, Peru, Hungary, Nepal and India. Previous to her healing work Suzy was an executive director at the Soros Foundation in the international contemporary art world.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Respected American Astrologer, Pam Cucinell” color=”#3333ff”]
Pamela Cucinell holds the NCGR PAA certification for astrological consulting. She works the tool of astrology through a mythological, spiritual and Jungian psychological lens.

Pamela is also a tarot maven, artist and writer. As an astrologer, she has a niche clientele who focus on business success, because those who are willing to create a new business paradigm are those who can move with grace in our fast-changing global economy.