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How to Open Your Week with Love

Stoke The Fire – Jumpstart Your Week with Love

[su_box title=”The Spark SPECIAL- $17.50/6 weeks (ongoing subscription is $35/6 weeks —you can cancel at any time)” color=”#3333FF”]
THE SPARK is a weekly catalyst to keep you shining. We recognize the need for continual weekly support and want to make it as affordable as possible.

  • Start the Week Call: Your subscription gives you 30 minutes on Monday Evenings for 6 consecutive weeks: 8.00 – 8.30 pm ET. On this call you will receive a channeled activation, a brief on the week’s astrology by Pamela, and a discussion by Suzy and Pam about the spiritual teachings for the week. Each call is recorded and available to download and replay.
  • Facebook Group to connect with everyone in the group, build spiritual community and to receive extra support from Suzy and Pamela.

THE SPARK special: $17.50/6 weeks  (then recurring at $35/ every 6 weeks—cancel anytime)

Allow yourself our weekly connection to raise the overall vibration of abundance. Suzy and Pamela build community to encourage the energetic shift: the weekly Stoke the Fire forecasts and activations are part of this. Please join us and spread the word!

Your subscription to The SPARK! will renew automatically at the regular $35. This allows you to receive uninterrupted support.
(Of course, you may cancel at any time.)


THE SPARK special: $17.50/6 weeks